Emilie and her teas…

My mother, is the one who gave me the love for tea. Since I was a little girl, I always saw my mom have her cup of tea in the morning with her breakfast.

After lunch we will generally prepare ourselves a cup of tea. That was the time after lunch, to relax and talk about what happened during the week. The teas, would have different flavors and different perfumes. Smelling the aroma before drinking it was probably one of my favorite moment in the morning.

In the evening after dinner, we would have another tea ceremony. This one called infusion. what we call infusion in France are what English speakers call Herbal Tea. It is made from herbs and/or dried fruits and has different curative properties. Depending on our mood my mom and I would have chamomile tea (this one is good for relaxing the body), Anise tea (this one helps with digestion) or fruit tea those just because they taste so good. Sometime my father and my sister would join us…

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  1. Dixie Forsyth says:

    Hi. I’m looking for Carcadett Nuit D’Ete tea and a friend told me you carry it. Is it available here? Thanks!


    1. Hi Dixie, thank you for your interest in our Shop. Yes, we do carry the Carcadet Nuit d’Eté. We are open from Tuesday-Friday: 10:30am-5:30pm and Saturday: 11am-4pm. Looking forward to meeting you. 🙂


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