About Emilie

Emilie is originally from France. She speaks English, Spanish and French fluently and has lived in five different countries including Portugal, England and Mexico where ancient healing traditions are still alive. After working in International Business and Marketing for over 15 years, Emilie decides to pursue her dream in the entrepreneurship world. With her husband Alex they opened their Cultural and Holistic Center in January 2017 where they now can share their passion for health and wellness with the local community.

Emilie has a passion about cultures, traditions and rituals from around the world. She likes to share her enthusiasm for tea introducing people to the different tea rituals that exist around the World. She describes tea as being “as fascinating and complex as wine”; that is why she enjoys so much learning and studying the Art of Tea. In an article title wrote for a Local Magazine, she tells her story on how she got into teas and describes the health benefits of tea rituals.

Emilie has always been interested in natural healing and herbalism. She really started to learn and experience it when she moved to Mexico City in 2005. In 2010 she met her husband in Guatemala and shortly after moved to United Stated. They both shared a dream about someday creating a center where both could share their love for the Mesoamerican culture and communicate the rich sense of community in health and healing.