About Emilie’s French Teas

“Regardless of cultural differences, tea brings people together. In the East, it is omnipresent: at village hostels in China, in tiny Egyptians cafes, in stations and trains, in Bedouin tents, and from street vendors. All kinds of business are conducted and the most secret of secrets may be shared over a cup of tea. Tea reaches across the generations.”

When creating the tea room Emilie and her Husband Alex wanted to re-create the atmosphere of the  tea rooms that Emilie used to enjoy visiting with her mother when she was living in France. Most of the decoration come from France and the pictures hanged on the wall represent the different places Emilie and Alex visited in France and other countries. From picking green tea in Chang Mai to enjoying a cup of tea in one of the most fine Tea Rooms in Paris.

The French Tea Room (or Salon de Thé) provides an inviting place to relax and connect with the community. It is a peaceful and quiet place where you can come alone or with friends to enjoy a delightful cup of tea.

Emilie’s French Teas is also a tea shop where you can buy fine teas by the ounce or by the tin. We offer a variety of teaware and accessories so you can enjoy the perfect cup of tea at home.

Classes and Private Tea party are also available upon request. Emilie love teaching about teas so please don’t hesitate to stop by and ask about tea.